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Zhuhai Airshow on November 1, 2016
2016-11-01 10:53:32   Author:Hengtai Metal Materials Co., Ltd   

The opening ceremony of the 11th China international aviation and aerospace exhibition in 2016 was officially launched at 9 a.m. on 1 November at the zhuhaiinternational aviation and aerospace exhibition center.

The exhibition attracted more than 700 exhibitors from 42 countries and regions, including about 45% of the overseas exhibitors. In addition to Russia, Ukraine, France, the Czech Republic, the United States, Canada, South Korea and other countries pavilions, Austria organized an national pavilion exhibitors the first time, the Netherlands and New Zealand national pavilions will return to China Air Show.

Air show for the first day of the flight performances by the Chinese air force bayi airshow, the Chinese air force, take the lead in the opening, apart from the original schedule of flight, as one of the biggest bright spot in the show, the Chinese air force test pilot annihilates - 20 aircraft, 20, 10 o 'clock in the morning the Chinese air force driving two fighters - 20 coming, after nearly 20 seconds in the air, is rapidly disappearing in the blue sky. After the j-20 is officially in service, the first priority is to kill the other's high-value targets, such as the advance warning machine and electronic warfare aircraft, and shoot down each other's empty lanes. Americans have predicted that China will not have stealth fighters until 2020, and the appearance of the j-20 is a profound shock to the west.

Annihilates - 20

Chinese air force Bayi exhibition team

China international aviation and aerospace exhibition on November 1 flight show schedule

      2016 marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of China Aerospace and the 20th anniversary of the founding of the China Aviation Exhibition. Under the national strategy of "The Belt and Road Initiatives" and the in-depth development of military and civilian integration, China Aerospace only focuses on enhancing internationalization, specialization, marketization and branding Level, to build the international aerospace and defense industry exchanges and cooperation, trade negotiation platform to promote the development of international military trade, build China Aerospace 2.0 upgrade.

The airshow, Wuxi Hengtai Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is at Hall 9 C18 exhibitors, all companies are welcome to discussionand communication.

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In the past ten years, Hengtai always adheres to the corporate tenet of "taking the quality as the cornerstone and creating a benchmark for the industry". We always devote ourselves to providing our customers with better products, more professional opinions and more comprehensive services. Hengtai's rapid development has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign aluminum manufacturers. After many negotiations and inspections, Hengtai eventually became the strategic partners with the Alcoa (ALCOA) which is the world's largest aluminum manufacturerandAleris International which the world's third-largest aluminum alloy plate manufacturer, And signed a contract with Alcoa (ALCOA) in 2008 to become its sole contracted dealer in China. In the first year, it achieved annual sales of 1,000 tons of Alcoa products and formally signed a contract with Aere International (Aleris) China agents. At the same time as the two major international aluminum processing company agents, creating a pioneer in the industry. We have always been committed to providing customers a full range of solutions, in the field of aluminum alloy Wuxi Hengtai is creating a new glory.

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