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2016 Technical seminar of Aleris Aluminum (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd and Wuxi heng tai aerospace science and technology co., LTD
2016-06-17 11:55:43   Author:Hengtai Metal Materials Co., Ltd   

2016 Technical seminar of Aleris Aluminum (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd and Wuxi heng tai aerospace science and technology co., LTD



        On June 17, 2016, Wuxihengtaiaerospace science and technology co., LTD, Hengtaias Aleris Aluminum core authorized distributors in China, co-hosted thetechnical seminar withAleris aluminum, A total of 32 people attend the technical seminarare mainly comes from the aerospace industry in the generation of processing technical engineers and project managers, etc.


       We were honored to be invited Dr. Pan to the technical seminar.During the seminar, Dr. Pan gave a detailedexplain of the processing and manufacturing of aluminum, forming of aluminum alloy, welding, corrosion and aluminum applications, etc. Dr. Pan warmly interacted with trainees and gave detailed answers to the questions raised by each trainee.

       The application of aluminum alloy in aerospace industry is mainly used for structural components. The choice ofstructure materials on aircraft design should have high specific strength and specific stiffness, in order to reduce the structure weight of the aircraft, and improve the flight performance or increase the economic benefit, also should have good workability, easy to make the parts required. Simply, because the aluminum alloy is light, the strength is high, the processing is convenient, the price is relatively cheap, so all kinds of aircraft use aluminium alloy as the main structural material. The skin, beams, ribs, truss, bulkhead, wall board, fuel tank, propeller, and landing gear of the aircraft can be made of aluminum alloy.


      After thetechnical seminar, we visited the warehouse of Hengtai. Hengtai warehouse area is about 5,000 square meters and inventory is about 3,000 tons. There are sufficient resources. There are three sets of equipment imported from Xielin Cutting Machine. It is automated and cutting speed is high. The cutting capacity is 15 Tons ~ 20 tons


     Our general managerTang Meng Yi, said the technical seminar was held successfully, Hengtai and Aleris will often hold such technical seminar to meet customer needs.

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